G-Switch 3


g-switch 3G-Switch is here with it’s 3rd chapter. It is an interesting parkour game online and one of the best running games at KiZi. Control a stick man, help him run through an extraordinary obstacle course and survive. You can change the gravity upside down whenever you want. G-Switch 3 will check your reflexes, as you have to avoid hitting the obstacles, they can either slow you down or even kill you! Sometimes your character will be cloned and you will have to control 2 at once! Plan ahead and time your gravity switches precisely! If you fail, the progress will be restarted from the latest checkpoint. The game offers 5 new characters and you can also challenge your friend or up to 7 other players in the multiplayer mode. Use your left mouse button or press any key to switch the gravity in the single player mode. In the multiplayer mode, each of the players uses his own key. Player whose character will run the farthest wins the game.

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