gunspin GunSpin at Kizi is an interesting shooting game online in which your goal is to shoot a gun to make it spin and fly as far as possible. You start with a regular 9mm pistol and three bullets in the magazine. Click using your left mouse button to make a shot and launch the pistol. Watch the gun spinning in the air and shoot again to increase its momentum. Once it falls down to the ground due to the gravity, the round is over. You will earn coins depending on the distance your gun has reached. Spend the earned coins to upgrade your gun and make it fly further. You can increase its power, amount of bullets, ammo boxes, etc. In the GunSpin game online at Kizi, you can unlock many different types of guns such as a laser gun, water gun, Uzi and shotgun. Each of the guns has its own pros and cons. You will have to test them to find out which one is the best of them all. There is a total of 9 stages and 18 weapons in the game.

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