Happy Wheels


happy wheels Happy Wheels is a physics-based driving KiZi game online that is full of fun and torture! Your objective in this game is to reach the exit of each level in one piece, or in multiple pieces! Choose a vehicle and try to find a way to the exit! There are few vehicles to choose from: bike, two-wheeler and wheelchair. Select your favorite one and drive it at full speed! This is just a demo version with only few levels, but if you’re bored of the original ones, you can construct your own levels in the game. Use your arrow keys to control the vehicle. Press Z for an eject, hold your space bar for a primary action, press shift and control for secondary actions. Happy wheels is one of the craziest online browser based games that have ever been published on the internet! It is very addictive and it has quickly became a global phenomenon. Can you complete all the complicated levels without being ripped apart in Happy Wheels game online at Kizi.cm?

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