Island Clash


island clashIsland Clash is an impressive tower defense game online and it is one of the best strategy games at Your objective is to defend a tropical island from an enemy invasion and survive for as long as possible. Place defensive towers strategically along the path and watch them destroy all incoming enemies, don’t let them get away from the map. Drag any towers from the menu to place them around the path. You start with 2 types of basic towers and more towers can be unlocked later in the game. Once a tower is built, click on it to open an additional menu. There is a possibility to upgrade, repair or sell the towers. The game features a wide variety of defensive towers and over 20 different types of enemy units. You earn money for each enemy you’ve killed. It can then be used for buying new structures and upgrades. How many enemy waves can you survive is this super fun tower defense KiZi game online called Island clash?

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