Market Boss


market bossMarket Boss is a free tycoon game online, in which you will become a supermarket manager. Your objective is to sell various kinds of food, upgrade your shop and make lots of money. You start with just a small supermarket and as you progress, you can make it bigger and better. Enter the stock room, grab some boxes and fill the shelves with goods. Customers will start visiting your market, looking for the goods you are selling. Hire cashiers and helpers, so you can speed up the process. Cashiers will let the customers pay for the goods. Helpers will refill the shelves and clean the floor. You can manage and upgrade your staff from the office. Buy new shelves and unlock additional sectors, they will let you sell new types of food and beverages. The more shelves you have, the more customers will visit your shop. In the Market Boss game online at Kizi, you will be able to sell meats, drinks, fruits, vegetables, pastries, candies, etc.

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