Ships 3D


ships 3dShips 3D is an innovative multiplayer .io game online in which you will compete against players from all around the world. The game features cool 3D graphics and challenging gameplay with immersive sea battles. In the Ships 3D game at, you will become a captain and your objective is to sail a ship, sink enemy ships, and survive. Use your helm to steer the ship into directions. Shoot your opponents with cannons on the side. You can either do all the tasks yourself, or hire a bot that will help you. The helper bot can be fully configured to your liking and it can steer the ship, set the sails, fire cannons, or do all of them one by one. You will earn gold as you progress in the game. Use it to buy character skins or cannon balls, upgrade your ship, or unlock new ships. There are three ships available for purchase: Sloop, Frigate and Warship. How many enemy ships can you sink in this cool Kizi game online called Ships 3D?

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