Airport Clash 3D


airport clash 3dAirport Clash 3D is a super fun shooting Kizi .io game online developed by the creators of the phenomenal Winter Clash 3D. The game features the same addicting gameplay, but this time in a new environment, an abandoned airport. Become a bad-ass soldier and use your mini-gun to kill as many enemies as you can. As in the original title, your mission is to use team-play and cooperate with your fellow brothers to defeat the enemy team. Move your character using W,A,S,D keys. Use your mouse to aim and shoot. Take a cover behind planes and other objects. You can upgrade your weapon and health by spending stars that you collect as you progress. Try to be the best soldier on the server and eliminate as many enemy players as possible. You can enter the daily leaderboard from the main menu to find out who is the current leader. Let’s jump into the battle and help your commando destroy the enemy in Airport Clash 3D!

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