Among Us


among usAmong Us Single Player at KiZi is an online version of the famous Among Us multiplayer game originally released on PC and mobile. It is an adventure game in which you become an impostor and your mission is to use stealth to eliminate all other characters that are trying to fix the spaceship. Walk around the ship, pick each of the astronauts one by one and kill them. Try to infiltrate the entire crew and make sure nobody notices you, otherwise it is a game over! Use your W,A,S,D keys to move your character and click on the icons using your mouse to perform different actions. You can either sabotage the ship, kill someone standing nearby, or use a vent as a shortcut. Watch the spaceship repair meter on the top of the screen and make sure it doesn’t reach 100%. Can you kill all other astronauts unnoticed and prevent the spaceship from being fully repaired in this cool Friv game online called Among Us Single Player?

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