Ant Art Tycoon


ant art tycoonIn the Ant Art Tycoon game online at, you are an art dealer with nothing to your name but five highly-trained ants. Look at the ants as they create their first painting and put it up for sale once completed. Set up the price by clicking on the plus and minus button. If a customer purchases the painting, you will earn money. Put that money to good use by buying more ants and upgrades. There are multiple types of ants in this game. Black ants are slow but affordable to buy. Colored ants are expensive, but they are faster and much more effective. Smaller and simpler paintings won’t sell for that much, but some bigger and more sophisticated ones will make you thousands of dollars. You can upgrade the painting size, purchase more listing slots, etc. Soon, you will have an army of hardworking ants creating the most beautiful paintings for you. Ant Art Tycoon features relaxing music that will make you fall in love with the game.

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