15,890 is a fun summertime .io game online, in which you will visit a water park attraction! Put on your swimwear, race around water slides and try to become the fastest guy on the track! Overtake your opponents positions and try to make it to the finish line as quickly as possible to become the winner. You can also take off the track and fly, if you like to shorten the race a bit! Be careful though! While you are flying in the air, it is much harder to control your character. If you don’t manage to land properly, it’s a game over for you, so keep that in mind! Pushing your opponents off the track is another effective way how to get ahead of them. Play this game using your mouse or pushing your arrow keys. Left click and hold it, then move the mouse to steer left and right. Avoid hitting any obstacles, they will slow you down. After the race is finished, the top 3 players will be displayed on the leaderboard. Can you become one of them?

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