Bad Piggies


bad piggiesBad Piggies is a KiZi game online inspired by the phenomenal Angry Birds title. This time, you will be on the side of the pigs, who are looking for pieces of a treasure map. Your objective is to help them to build some crazy vehicles and reach the finish line, so they can get find the treasure. In each level, the vehicles can be constructed using multiple parts. Use your mouse to drag and drop different parts onto the icons on your screen. Scroll with your mouse wheel to zoom the camera in and out. Use boxes, wheels, blowers etc. and put them together, so the vehicle will be able to move. When the terrain is steep, you can use the blowers to increase your momentum. Crush into pieces of TNT to make them explode and get some more speed. Collect stars along the way. If you are good enough, you can receive up to 3 stars at the end of each level. Can you complete all levels and earn the maximum amount of stars in Bad Piggies at KiZi?

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