Basket Monsterz


basket monsterzBasket Monsterz is a bizarre sports game at KiZi, that’s about freaky creatures playing basketball. You take a control of one of the most famous monsters of all times and your objective is to shoot ball, score hoops and beat your opponent in a one vs one shootout. In this super fun game, you can become Frankenstein, Dracula, Bigfoot, Mummy or even Predator and compete against any other monster. First, you will need to finish at the top of the group by winning as many shootout matches as possible. Once you have won the group stage, you will advance to the play-offs. Beat all opponents in the play-off tree to become a champion and get the cup! Use your mouse to play this game. Move your cursor around the screen to set the power and angle of your shot. Click to jump and launch the ball towards the basket. You earn 30 stars for each point you score. Player who reaches 11 stars wins the match. Can you beat all monsters?

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