Basket Random


basket randomBasket Random at Kizi is a hilarious sports game online that is super-simple yet extremely addicting. Play basketball matches with funny pixelated characters and try to somehow score baskets and beat your opponents. This game is not like most other basketball games online. Instead of running around the field and performing dunks, you will score hoops randomly. Because, this game is all about random progress and there is nothing linear in it. You will never know who your next opponent is, or where the match is going to take place. You can end up playing on snow, or on the beach. It’s completely random. On top of that, the ball will also change. You can either play against a computer or challenge your friend in the two player mode. Use your up arrow key to control the first player and W key to control the second player. Try to time you jumps perfectly and block the opponent’s shots before they reach the basket.

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