Basket Swooshes


basket swooshesBasket Swooshes at KiZi is a free throw shooting basketball game online that will bring you to the international tournament. Have you ever dreamed of becoming one of the world’s best basketball players? Here is your chance! Select one of the national teams, play group matches, beat your opponents and advance into the cup finals for a chance to become the champion. There are 32 national basketball teams to choose from and each team features one of the most famous superstars from that particular country. The mechanics of Basket Swooshes game are simple: Compete against an opponent player in a one-on-one shootout and be the first player to score 11 points to win the match. You earn 30 stars for each basket you score. The number of stars you have earned and the current score of the match are both displayed at the top of the screen. How many opponents can you beat in this 1-on-1 basketball game called Basket Swooshes?

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