Batman Gotham City Rush


batman gotham city rushBatman Gotham City Rush is a great 2d platform game at You become the famous cartoon hero called Batman and your mission is to run around the Gotham city and fight enemies along the way. Your hero runs automatically. Use your arrow keys to jump, glide and slide. You can also slide through girders to get to the lower ground. Batman can take out his foes in many ways. Use your arrow keys to punch, kick and throw the Batarang. Special objects can be used to perform awesome stunts. Use your space bar when the objects glow green to swing and grind. Gotham City Rush is all about chaining your moves into combos. Every enemy you take down increases your combo and fills up your combo time. If you get hit or run out of time, the combo resets. Watch your combo timer. Keep your combo alive by gliding, swinging and grinding. Can you help Batman to clean the city from all criminals in Gotham City Rush online at

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