Battle Gear


battle gearBattle Gear is a war strategy game online and it is now available to play at KiZi! Become a general and command your soldiers against the enemy forces. Invade foreign lands and try to conquer the World. Protect your base and destroy the enemy base as quickly as possible. Select a campaign, choose a desired difficulty level and start playing. You can see your next target on the World map. Use your left and right arrows or just move your mouse cursor to the edges of the screen to scroll the camera into directions. Click on a unit to train and attack the enemy. Create a new unit by clicking the unit type. Alternatively, you can also use your 1-9 numeric keys as hot keys for creating new units. You can upgrade your units stats after each battle. Unlock achievements and collect medals for doing various objectives. There are 3 challenging campaigns (USA, Russia, China) in Battle Gear game at, can you complete them all?

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