Battle Masters


battle mastersBattle Masters is a cool fighting Kizi game online based on the simple fun of Rock Paper Scissors. Choose one of the heroes that will appear on your screen and start the battle! There are four different characters to choose from and each of them has his unique skills, strengths and weaknesses. Click on one of the three icons to take your chance. If you win, you can control your character using the command board. You will be able to perform an attack, use a skill, activate an item, or wait for another turn. If you can’t defeat your enemy, use Hard Shell to increase your defense and potion to heal yourself. After each battle, you will earn points that can be used for buying support items. Win 20 battles in the Normal Mode to unlock the Hard Mode. Win 40 battles in the Hard Mode to unlock the Ultimate Mode. Win 60 battles in the Ultimate Mode to unlock a special character. Can you beat all enemies in the Battle Masters game?

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