Bomb It 5


bomb it 5Bomb It 5 is another addition to the popular bomber man two player games at KiZi. Control your character around the maze, leave bombs behind you and try to eliminate your enemies. Others will try to do the same to you, so be careful! Keep in your mind that your own bombs can also kill you. Use your arrows or W,A,S,D keys to move, press enter or space bar to drop a bomb. Pick up power-ups, weapons and mounts along the way, they will help you run faster and survive longer. There is a lot of characters to choose from and plenty of ways how to customize their appearance, so you can dress up the character as you like. You can even customize the game settings such as difficulty, number of levels, number of enemies etc. Your score is calculated at the end of the game. You receive points for the difficulty level, for the amount of enemies killed and for time bonus. How many opponents can you blast in Bomb It 5 at

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