Bomber Friends


bomber friendsBomber Friends is a bomber-man style game online similar to the legendary Bomb It series at KiZi. Navigate your character around a maze and drop bombs to destroy walls. Finish each of the levels by eliminating all monsters standing in your way and finding a key to the exit door. Collect various power-ups such as more bombs, damage boost or extra lives and use them to kill the enemies faster or to survive for longer. Remember, the bombs cause damage to your character too, so place them carefully. Once a bomb has been placed, the path gets blocked until it explodes. Strategy is crucial in this game and you will have to plan ahead to succeed. You can also customize your character’s appearance to your likings. There is over 30 super fun levels for you to complete and if you ever get bored by the base game, you can try some special modes. Can you kill all monsters using your bombs in Bomber Friends online at KiZi Games?

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