bowmasters Bowmasters is a super addicting KiZi game online in which you will take the role of a bowman. Use your bow to launch arrows and hit apples laying on the other person’s head. Avoid hitting the other character at all costs or you will lose points. If you hit the poor guy 5 times, the game is over! Click and drag your left mouse button to charge your bow. Release the button to launch the arrow and perform a shot. The further you point your cursor away from the archer, the stronger the shot will be. You can see the trajectory of your shot signalized by the red dotted line. Try to use the least arrows possible to shoot down the apples in all levels. In each level, you can earn up to 3 stars for every apple you successfully hit. For every miss, one star will be deducted. Enter the shop from the main menu and unlock some cool new characters. Can you become the master of archery in this cool bow shooting sports game online at KiZi Games?

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