Clash of Armour


clash of armourClash of Armour is an action Friv game online featuring armored tanks battling each other. Your objective is to attack an opponent and defend your base, so it doesn’t get destroyed by the enemy missiles. Deploy various types of tanks and send them towards the enemy turret. The tanks will shoot at the turret automatically until it’s destroyed. Each tank costs a specific amount of money indicated on the corresponding icon. Once you have saved enough money, click on one of the icons to buy a tank. Some tanks are good for offense, while others are better for defense. You have to think strategically and deploy only those tanks that are suited for the current situation. There is one tank that is much bigger and more powerful than others. This so-called Boss tank can shoot two missiles at once, but it is very expensive. After each match, you can upgrade your tanks to increase their fire rate, health, armor damage and structure damage.

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