Clicker Heroes


clicker heroesClicker Heroes is a super addicting KiZi game online. Defeat monsters with a help of heroes. Click on the monsters to kill them and earn their gold. Hire more powerful heroes and deal more damage per second. The more damage you and your heroes do, the more gold you get. Upgrade your heroes to do even more damage. The game keeps going, even when you are away. Your heroes kill the monsters automatically. Each monster has it’s unique hit points (HP). Every time you click on any monster, hit points are deducted from it’s health. Once the health bar is empty, the monster is defeated and you can click on the coins to collect them. There is a specific amount of creatures you need to kill in each level to advance into the next one. Some levels consist of only 1 boss monster and it is much harder to defeat and has to be killed within 30 seconds. There are 11 different zone types, each with a different set of regular monsters.

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