Craig of the Creek


craig of the creek The Legendary Trials is a Kizi game online inspired by the famous animated TV series Craig of the Creek. Your mission is to help Craig and his two friends become Legends of the Creek by competing in Legendary Trials. Explore the world, meet various characters and complete challenging missions. Collect power-ups, they will help you during the missions. Keep in mind that you can only have one active power-up at a time, so choose them wisely. There are three types of trials, each with ten levels to complete. Craig will compete in a puzzle-style game, JP will play an action paintball game with colorful balloons, and Kelsey’s mission is to shoot at targets. Move your character around the map using arrow keys. Press space bar to swing your staff and kill animals or destroy objects. You can also talk to other kids by pressing the space bar. Do you have what it takes to complete all missions of The Legendary Trials game at Kizi?

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