Crime City


crime cityCrime City is a 3D action shooting game at KiZi, similar to the famous GTA games series. Your objective is to complete missions by killing enemies with a help of many different weapons and vehicles. Drive various cars, tanks, helicopters etc. Collect money, weapons, ammo, med kits and power-ups along the way to increase your chances to survive. Use your arrow keys to move, press your space bar jump. Move your mouse to aim, click to shoot. Use your left-shift key for slow motion. Press your enter key to enter or leave a vehicle. Watch the mini-map on the top left corner of the screen, it indicates positions of the enemy units. Unlock achievements by completing goals. Access the shop from the main menu to buy new weapons, vehicles, outfits and other cool stuff. Compete against players around the world by getting to the top of the leaderboard. Can you complete all 50 fun missions in this GTA-like 3D shooter called Crime City?

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