Defend Your Nuts 2


defend your nuts 2Defend Your Nuts 2 is a sequel of one of the funniest shooting games at KiZi, the first Defend Your Nuts. In this second installment, you will once again help a little squirrel guard it’s tasty nuts. Shoot at the incoming waves of enemies and don’t let them reach your base. As in the prequel, your character starts with just a simple bow. Upgrade your weapon to make the attacks more powerful. Click and hold your left mouse button, then release it to launch a projectile. Hover over ammunition and coins to pick them up. Click at sacks to collect loot at the end of each level. You will earn some cool stuff such as gold, new weapons, or even more characters. Place minions and walls around your base, they will help you in defense and can also be upgraded. Press your 1,2,3,4 numeric keys to switch between available weapons. Try to kill all enemies in time. Unlock achievements by completing tasks. Can you defend your nuts in this brilliant KiZi game?

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