13,900 is now available at KiZi! Have you enjoyed the original Then you will love this game! Become a duck and compete against other ducks in a crazy water slide racing competition. Try to be as fast as possible and overtake opponents by either swimming on the water slide, or taking a shortcut and flying in the air. Flying seems like the best choice, right? Yes, it will be much faster than swimming. However, you will have to be extremely careful, because it is much harder to control your duck while flying in the air. You can end up falling on the ground, never reaching the finish line! To control your duck on the race track, you can either use your arrows or simply move your mouse while holding the left mouse button. Make sure you cross over the green arrows, they will give you some speed boost. If an opponent tries to overtake you and steal your position, bounce him off the track and get him disqualified.

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