Dumb Ways to Die 2


dumb ways to die 2Dumb Ways to Die 2 is a sequel of an addicting KiZi game online that is about weird characters trying not to die. Help these cute little monsters survive different dangerous situations and avoid their death at all costs! The game features attractive colorful graphics and addicting point-and-click gameplay. Use your mouse to interact with objects and characters on the screen. Solve puzzles and avoid deadly obstacles that can kill them. Sometimes you will just have to be patient and don’t do anything. You have three lives left at the beginning, so your characters can die 3x, after that the game is over. Enter the world map and select one of the attractions to start your journey. At first, each level is easy to finish. Later on, you will have to be really fast to succeed. Remember, these creatures are not so smart, so it’s all up to you if they will stay alive. Let’s see how quickly can you react in Dumb Ways to Die 2 game online at KiZi Games!

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