Dumb Ways to Die


dumb ways to dieDumb Ways to Die Original at KiZi is a point and click adventure game online, in which you will be helping funny colorful creatures survive dangerous situations and stay alive. Try to make them live for as long as possible by solving challenging puzzles as quickly as you can using your mouse. Click with your left mouse button and hold it to start moving or connecting any object. You can also draw lines. You have 3 lives left when you start playing. You always lose 1 life if you fail. Be fast enough to successfully complete each level. Unlock new super-cute characters as you advance further during the game. Dumb Ways to Die features beautiful animations and you will have lots of fun while playing it. If you get bored of the original title, you can always check the sequel and have even more fun! Let’s see if you can avoid death of your dumb little creatures and how many levels can you complete in Dumb Ways to Die, KiZi game online.

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