dynast.ioDynast.io is an extraordinary survival .io game online that is very similar to the phenomenal MooMoo.io game. You are a warrior and you will have to raise your dynasty and make it last for as long as you can. Walk around the world, fight creatures, gather resources and survive. Craft various tools or weapons and build structures. You gain XP for killing animals and collecting resources. If you get hurt, just wait a bit and your health will slowly restore over-time. Once you have accumulated enough materials, you can craft better weapons and other useful items. The crafting system is very well done and you can see stats of each item before creating. Construct towers and other buildings and defend them from other players. Dynast.io has a living and breathing world that is fully independent on the players. Animals fight each other and there is a constant feel of danger. How far can your dynasty go in the Dynast.io game at Kizi?

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