Earn to Die 2012


earn to die 2012The Earn to Die games series is back at Kizi with another addition. If you like driving powerful cars and killing hordes of zombies, then this game is exactly for you! In Earn to Die 2012 Part 2, your objective is to drive a truck and crash into zombies standing in your way. You earn cash for every zombie you have killed, it can be used for unlocking new stuff in the garage. There are various upgrades you can buy such as engines, gearboxes and wheels. Additionally, you can also equip your truck with deadly weapons and turbo boosts. You start in the Forgotten Hills and you need to get to the Desert Dash. You have a limited amount of fuel and once your tank gets empty, you will have to start again the next day. After a while, you will be able to finish the map and unlock a new location. Use your arrow keys to control the vehicle. Press up arrow for acceleration. Press left and right arrows to balance your vehicle while in the air.

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