Eggy Car


eggy carEggy Car is an interesting car driving Kizi game online in which your goal is to operate a vehicle and transport an egg without getting it smashed. It is not like most other games in the category. This time, you will need to go as slowly as possible to succeed. Accelerate your car by clicking the pedal on the right. You can also move in reverse by pushing the pedal on your left hand. Be patient and use both pedals carefully, otherwise the egg will fall off the car and you will have to restart. Watch your RPM on the speedometer and make sure your car doesn’t accelerate too quickly. Collect coins on the way, they can be spent for new cars such as a formula, truck or van. Once in a while, you will collect a diamond, which acts as a power-up. It will freeze your egg for a couple of seconds and make it unbreakable. The Eggy Car game at Kizi features one endless level in which you need to go as far as possible without breaking the egg.

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