Fly or


fly or die.ioFly or Die, also known as, is another brilliant survival .io game online. This time, you will take the role of a flying creature and your mission, once again, is to survive for as long as possible. Fly and eat or be eaten! You will be playing in a multiplayer game world, where you compete against hundreds of other players around the globe. At first, you start as a very little fly and you will have to fight against other people’s animals. Search for food and evolve. Each of the animals has it’s predators, that it has to be aware of. The key to success in this game is to keep moving, otherwise you can easily become someone else’s prey and they will eat you as their food. Use your W,A,S,D keys to navigate your animal around the world. Click using your left mouse button to start flying. Hold your left mouse button to keep flying. Let’s see if you can survive in a dangerous world full of flying creatures in this .io game called Fly or Die.

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