Friday Night Funkin


friday night funkinFriday Night Funkin’ is a very special Kizi game online. It is a Kickstarter project made by a team of independent developers that is being funded by players. Thanks to our Kizi games website, you can now enjoy a demo version of this awesome cartoon rhythm game online. Your girlfriend’s folks don’t like you and your goal is to show them your funkin’ skills. Compete in free-style battles, listen to music, watch the arrow symbols and press your arrow keys accordingly. Try to be as precise as you can to beat your opponents and win your girlfriend’s heart. Right now, you can only play a couple of levels and the soundtrack is limited. Once the project is finished, there will be a total of 20 levels (weeks) available in the game, each with their original new song. You will also be able to challenge your friend in a two-player mode! So, if you enjoy online games and funky music, you will love the Friday Night Funkin’ (FNF) game at Kizi!

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