Funny Food Duel


funny food duelFunny Food Duel is an epic two-player Kizi game online featuring cute animals competing against each other in a food battle. Select one of the game modes, choose your character and start the competition! There are dozens of characters to choose from and you can either play as a dog, or as a cat. The objective of the game is simple: Watch the food plate as it’s being served and try to grab the food by reacting faster than your opponent. If you are not fast enough, your opponent will eat the food. You will earn one point for every successfully eaten meal. Watch out for poisoned and frozen food, eating it will make you paralyzed for a couple seconds and you will lose one point. The first player who scores 8 points wins the battle. In the Funny Food Duel game online at, you can collect achievements for wining games, being fast, unlocking characters, etc. So, let’s challenge a friend to find out who’s reflexes are better!

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