Getaway Shootout


getaway shootoutGetaway Shootout is a new two player shooting game similar to the popular Rooftop Snipers KiZi game online. Enjoy cool pixel graphics and super fun gameplay! Use your arrow keys to choose one of the dozens available characters (including famous action figures or animals etc.) and compete against your rivals in a hilarious randomly generated race to the objective. Pick up weapons along the way and use them to slow down your opponents. Get to the Getaway objective as the first player to win the round. First to score 3 Getaway rounds wins the match. Hold your W,E keys to turn your character into sides. Let go the keys to make him jump into that direction. Press your R key to use power up and shoot from your weapon. Overcome obstacles as quickly as you can and leave your opponents behind. If you die, you will be resurrected at the checkpoint. Can you be faster than all other opponents in Getaway Shootout at

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