gtaGTA is finally available at KiZi with this awesome clone called Grand Shift Auto! It is a simplified version of the popular Grand Theft Auto games series. It doesn’t have as many features as GTA 5, however it offers detailed graphics and addicting gameplay. You take the role of a gangster and your objective is to complete missions in the streets of a city full of crime. Each successfully completed mission earns you cash. Steal cars, kill pedestrians and fight cops. You can drive various vehicles. Once you are standing near a car, press your F key to enter it. Use your W,A,S,D keys to control your character or to drive a car, hold shift to sprint. Move your mouse to rotate the camera and aim, click to shoot. Scroll your mouse wheel to change the weapon. Press TAB to enter the shop. There are many cool weapons to choose from. You can use shotguns, assault rifles, machine guns etc. Can you escape the police in this fun GTA game online at

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