Guess Who?


guess whoGuess Who? is a fun character guessing game online inspired by the classic board game, which you can now enjoy for free at! Choose one of the available characters and compete against an opponent who is an unknown person. Your objective is to find out who the opponent is without getting exposed. Ask your opponent clever questions to eliminate as many choices as possible. The opponent will be asking questions about your character and you will have to answer them correctly. The best practice is to ask about the gender first and once you have eliminated enough options, you can start asking about glasses, earrings, necklaces, etc. The characters can have a different beard style and hair color, which can also help you guess the correct person. The first player who eliminates 23 out of 24 opponent’s character options wins the game. Let’s see how good your guessing skills are in this cool Kizi game called Guess Who?

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