Gunblood Remastered


gunblood remasteredGunblood Remastered at KiZi is a new version of the famous wild west shootout game. Become a cowboy and defeat your opponents in a gunfight. There will be a lot of blood, so don’t play this if you are too sensitive! Draw your weapon and try to be faster than the enemy to kill him. Aim for the head for the maximum effectivity, head-shots will instakill most of the times. If you get hit by a bullet, you will fall on the ground, but you can still be able to fire some shots. Watch the health bar of both yours and your opponent’s character on top of the screen. The game offers 9 rounds to complete and some bonus rounds. Your goal in the bonus rounds is to shoot at bottles and avoid getting hit by them, make sure you don’t shoot at the assistant. Use your mouse to play this game. Hover over your magazine in the bottom left corner to indicate you are ready for the gunfight. Move your cursor to aim, click to shoot. Can you survive the shootout?

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