Hockey Legends


hockey legendsHockey Legends are here! The game is very similar to Basketball Legends, that is one of the most popular sports games you will find at KiZi! You can either play against PC opponent, or try the two player mode and challenge your friend on the same keyboard. In Hockey Legends, you take a control of some of the most popular teams in the NHL like Dallas Stars or Pittsburgh Penguins and your goal is to beat your opponents to win the cup. Select one of the two game modes (Tournament, Friendly Match) and start playing. Skate around the hockey rink and try to score as many goals as possible. There is a special ability called Super-shot that can be used once in a while and it will guarantee you a scored goal. Use your arrows or WA,S,D keys to navigate the players around the ice. Press the arrow key twice for a dash. Use your X/L key for the regular shot, Z/K keys for the Super-shot. Can you become the champion in Hockey Legends?

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