hole.ioHole.io is a new revolutionary 3d multiplayer .io game online. Play it now at Kizi.cm and control your very own black hole that eats up everything standing in it’s way. Move around the streets and swallow pedestrians, cars, traffic signs, benches and buildings! Compete against other players and become the biggest hole of them all. Navigate your hole around the screen using your mouse or arrow keys. Once your hole is surrounding any smaller object, it will absorb it with the help of gravity. Your hole needs to have a specific size to be able to consume bigger objects like cars and buildings. Each player’s hole has a different color, that can be customized from the main menu. The leading player’s hole has a golden crown above it, so it can be easily recognized. Try to consume as many objects as you can in the given time limit of 2 minutes and escape the bigger holes to survive. How big can your hole become in Hole.io game at Kizi.cm?

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