Hoop World 3D


hoop world 3dHoop World 3D is a super-fun basketball game online with realistic 3D graphics and interesting gameplay mechanism. If you are a fan of other sports games on our Kizi website, you should definitely check out this title! You take the role of a basketball player and your mission is to bounce off trampolines and perform dunks. Go trough the levels and try to score hoops without falling on the ground. Enter worm holes and teleport into alternate universes to earn some extra cash. Click and hold your left mouse button to start jumping with the ball. Watch your character as he flips in the air and release the mouse button at the right moment to land on the trampoline. If you are too early or too late, you will miss the basket and the game is over. Enter the shop and unlock new skins for your character. The Hoop World 3D game at Kizi features beautiful environments with various basketball courts and many different levels to complete.

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