Jump City Rescue


jump city rescueTeen Titans are back at Kizi with another adventure! In the Jump City Rescue game online, your objective is to help the famous Cartoon Network heroes rescue the city. An evil brain with an army of robots have taken over the city. It’s your mission to defeat them and save the inhabitants. Play as Robin, Beast Boy, Cyborg, Starfire, and Raven, go through the levels, fight various types of enemies and survive. Battle powerful bosses and activate special abilities to defeat them. Reach the end of the map in one piece to complete the level. You can select a different character after each level. Use your left and right arrow keys to control your character. Climb on walls and jump over obstacles using your up arrow key. Press your space bar to attack an enemy or break an object. Collect coins and use them to buy power-ups. Can you defeat the evil villain and bring peace to the city in this super-fun fighting game online called Jump City Rescue?

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