Just Fall.LOL


just fall lol Just Fall.LOL, also known as JustFall.lol, is an addicting multiplayer Kizi game online in which you will become a penguin. Choose your server, enter the arena and compete against hundreds of players from all around the world to see who is best penguin runner. The objective of the game is to run around platforms and stay on each platform for as long as possible. However, it is not going to be as easy as it sounds. The platforms will be crumbling over time and you will have to make sure that your penguin doesn’t fall. If he falls down, you will be eliminated and the game is over for you! Customize the appearance of your character by clicking the clothing button in the main menu. There are multiple different modes to play. Some of them are casual, some are competitive, and others are custom with friends. In Just Fall.LOL at Kizi, you can create a party and invite friends. There is even a possibility to play the game in full screen!

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