Little Big Snake


little big snakeLittle Big Snake is another Slither-like .io game online and you can play it now for free at KiZi! Enter the arena, control your snake and compete against players all around the World. Your objective is to complete quests to get rewards and kill the opponent snakes to reach the top of the leaderboard. You start as a little worm and you have to eat orbs to get bigger and evolve. Each orb you collect increases the size of your snake. Once you get bigger, you can try to encircle smaller snakes to block their path and force them to touch your body. Others will try to do the same to you. When a snake dies, his body splits into orbs, that can be eaten by other snakes. If your snake will become very big, he will become harder to control. Move your mouse to control the snake, he will follow your cursor. Click for a speed boost, this consumes energy. Earn new chests, unlock achievements and use your coins to purchase many interesting items.

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