Min Hero


min heroMin Hero Tower of Sages at KiZi is another brilliant arcade game online with retro graphics and addictive gameplay. The game is similar to the famous Dynamons or Pokemon KiZi games. Create your own heroic character and experience an adventure of your lifetime! The objective of Min Hero is simple: Explore an interesting and colorful fantasy world, collect minions, train them and fight in epic battles. Meet other trainers, challenge their minions and win for a chance to capture them. At the beginning, your creatures only have minimal skills, which can be improved. They are small and weak and you will need to give them a good training to make them stronger. Try to win as many battles as possible to be able to get on the top of the Tower of Sages! The game features whopping 100+ minions with different stats and abilities, that can be collected and trained. How powerful can your minions become in Min Hero game online at KiZi?

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