Parking Mania


parking maniaParking Mania is one of the best driving games online at Your objective in Parking Mania is to park the car onto a parking space as perfectly as possible. Try to avoid crashing into cars and surrounding objects. Use your arrow keys or W,A,S,D keys to steer into directions and drive the car forward and backward. There is a possibility to park the car both forwards and backwards. You get up to 5 stars depending on how quickly and accurately you have parked. If you crash, some stars are deducted. You have 5 lives to complete each level. Colliding with borders removes 1 life. Collision with traffic will restart last parking. Complete objectives to collect coins and earn money. Finish a level with 5 lives remaining and all coins collected to get a medal. Try to get as many medals as possible. There is a total of 50 interesting levels in Parking Mania, cool game online at KiZi Games! Can you complete them all without scratching the car?

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