Penalty Champs 22


penalty champsPenalty Champs 22 is a free penalty kicking game online created for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. In the Penalty Champs 22 game at, you become a striker and your objective is to win matches by scoring goals from penalty kicks. Choose one of the countries that have competed on the World Cup and lead your team to victory! There are 32 teams divided into 8 different groups with 4 teams in each of them. You can either play the group stage, or skip it and go directly into the play-offs. While playing as a striker, watch the horizontal, vertical and power meter at the bottom of the screen, then click at the right moment to set the direction and power of your shot. While playing as a goalkeeper, wait for the opponent as he kicks the ball and click at the right moment to perform a save. A target will appear in the goalpost and you will have to jump into that area. If you miss the target area, your opponent will score a goal.

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