Penalty Shootout Multi League


penalty shootout multi leaguePenalty Shootout Multi League is a phenomenal soccer kicking game and it’s one of the greatest sports games online at KiZi. Pick one of the 12 world’s most famous football leagues, select a fantasy team and guide them to glory! Play matches and try to end up on the top of the group stages to advance into the play offs. Beat every single opponent team in the play offs to the win a cup and become the league champion. In Penalty Shootout Multi League, you will have a chance to play as both a striker and a goalkeeper. When you are kicking the ball, wait for the right moment to set the power and direction of your shot. Try to score as many goals as possible. As a goalkeeper, you will need to have a perfect timing and reflexes to defend the goal and to save the ball from being scored. Be as quick as possible and click at the spot, where you think the ball will be flying to. The goalkeeper will then jump into that direction. Good luck!

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