Penguin Cafe


penguin cafePenguin Cafe is a simple restaurant management game for kids that you can play for free at Kizi. The gameplay is extremely similar to Penguin Diner, which is one of the most popular games on our website. You are a penguin called Berta and your objective is to manage a cafeteria, serve customers and make them happy. Select a customer and give him a nice, clean table. Take an order and wait for the cook to prepare the meal. Pick up food and beverages from the counter and place them on the table. Watch the customers as they eat their meals and collect tips. If your service is too slow, you will earn tiny tips, but if you are fast enough, you will make nice profits. You will be able to upgrade your restaurant by buying various items in the shop. Fancier tables will attract richer customers, while a faster blender will help Bob in the kitchen. You can also upgrade curtains and toilets. Give Berta better ice skates to double her speed.

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