Ragdoll Achievement


ragdoll achievementRagdoll Achievement at KiZi Games is a super cool physics game online, where your goal is to use traps and weapons to launch a ragdoll in the air. The longer it stays in the air, the more money you earn! Use the earned money to place more and deadlier objects around the room. Once ready, the weapons will start launching the ragdoll in the air. There are 3 types of weapons: Roof/Wall, Floor and Center. There is a lot of weapons to choose from such as mines, bombs, saws, crossbows and machine guns. You can also place some strings to keep the ragdoll flying in the air for even longer. Complete tasks by doing a specific amounts of damage, or a specific kinds of hits to the ragdoll. Unlock new weapons while you progress further in the game. Your weapons and money are both displayed at the bottom of the screen. Can you unlock all achievements in this awesome physics game online at KiZi called Ragdoll Achievement?

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